M.O. Packaging

    A high-speed heat-sealing machine with intelligent positioning.

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    Rich in:
    VitaminB-12, Omega 3 fatty Acid, Iron, Zinc.

    Transparency & Quality


    We understand that now, more than ever, people want easy and open access to information about brands, ingredients, how products are made and marketed, and much more. To address this we have implemented a traceability software.


    Our mission is to delight consumers with every interaction. This means quality is key to everything we do. We source ingredients from the USA and around the world to ensure we can reliably and consistently deliver great-tasting products.

    Our manufacturing facilities and research and development labs are state of the art and achieve excellent ratings from all relevant auditing organizations, including DOA , FDA , USDA & City of Tucker. We use this focus on quality to develop new and exciting products and continue to raise the bar on all existing products.

    Our Key Principles

    Consumers First

    We understand consumers and address their needs and desires.


    We strive to be highly available to consumers, listening and responding to their feedback and ensuring that our brands are available where consumers can easily find them.


    As food safety is a shared responsibility, we collaborate with our suppliers to provide quality assurance.


    We are open and honest about our products, their ingredients, and how we make them.


    We believe consumers have a right to expect that the food they purchase and consume will be safe and of high quality.


    It is our sincerest desire to provide the best overall value for our customers by offering the highest quality and freshness.


    We partner with local and national organizations on strategic initiatives to help our communities thrive.