• Where do you buy your shrimps?
    We source our products from USA vendors
  • Are shrimps’ crayfish?
    Yes, shrimps are known to be called “crayfish” however our shrimps are a little bit larger than “crayfish”
  • What is the size of your shrimps?
    We source for different range sizes, but we usually get 80/100
  • Do you fry your shrimps?
    No, we smoke our product then dry them.
  • What other products do you have?
    We currently process shrimps. But we are testing and soon release (Beef jerky, Smoked poultry products, fruits and fish)
  • Where do you process your products?
    Our facility is located in Tucker, Georgia. (5min away from Atlanta)
  • Can I buy in Bulk?
  • How can I become a distributor?
    You can contact us directly by email, phone.